Jelly Blueberry IRON Blade - Bleeding GEL Wheel Cleaner

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Jelly Blueberry IRON Blade - GEL Wheel Cleaner - 4Detailer

Jelly Blueberry Iron Blade is designed to remove dirt, brake dust, iron particles, corrosive deposits from wheels and bodywork. Thanks to gel consistency it stays longer on the surface thus has a longer time to react with the dirt. Safe for any surface.   


  • Quickly reacts with dirt
  • Gel formula
  • Can be re-activated with water when dry
  • Safe, neutral pH
  • Pleasant almond fragrance


How to use:

Shake well before use.
Spray onto surface, let it work for few minutes until it starts "bleeding"
If necessary, agitate with a wheel brush
Rinse off thoroughly with a pressure washer.

Do NOT use on hot surfaces!